alyss (wildalyss) wrote in colourkills,


Some icons - getting back into the swing of things with photoshop! Enjoy!

5 Jessica Jones
2 Suits
3 TV (The 100, Hart of Dixie, Carnivale)

B128 03.png B128 05.png B128 04.png

B128 03.png B128 02.png B128 01.png B128 06.png B128 05.png1-5
B128 04.png B128 04.png B128 05.png B128 06.png B128 04.png6-10

credit: wildalyss @ colourkills
Tags: &wildalyss, tv: carnivale, tv: hart of dixie, tv: jessica jones, tv: suits, tv: the 100
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Ah, they're not showing for me. :(
I re uploaded them now -- let me know if they still arn't showing! & thanks for letting me know.
Thanks for the JJ icons! :)
Oh, the Jessica icons are very pretty!

Thank you!
These are gorgeous! Nabbed #4.
I like #4 sooo much! *g*
Love the Jessica Jones icons! Snagging 1-4; will credit when used!